The Jubilee Living Tree

In celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and in partnership with Hugo & Green we’re hosting ‘The Jubilee Living Tree’ on the Swan Walk mosaic outside Superdrug.

The spectacle can be admired until the 18th June and on Saturday 18th June we’ll be hosting an exclusive giveaway of the Jubilee plants as well as retailer prizes to our customers. Bee-friendly seed packets will also be provided inviting customers to plant a seed for the jubilee.



We’ve teamed up with Hugo & Green to give you their top tips & tricks on how to keep happy & healthy plants.

How to look after your Spider Plant

  • Spider plant needs are simple: Place the plant in bright to moderate light in a room that’s a comfortable temperature for everyone.
  • Keep the soil slightly moist. Once-a-week watering is sufficient in spring and summer; in winter, allow the soil to dry a bit more between waterings.
  • Did you know rain is the best water for your plants? Spider plants in particular are sensitive to the fluoride in tap water. Tap water also leaves behind other minerals that build up and can destroy your plant.
  • If you notice brown or dead leaves or leaf tips, you should remove them. Snip the tip or leaf off using scissors so that the plant’s energy can be directed toward growing healthy leaves.


How to look after your Peace Lily

  • Peace lilies are easy to grow, don’t need a lot of light, and help to clean and purify the air.
  • Ideally, keep peace lilies in a spot that gets bright, indirect light. An east-facing window is perfect, as the plant will be exposed to the bright morning sun.
  • Peace lilies are far more tolerant of underwatering than overwatering. Don’t water peace lily plants on a schedule- just check them once a week to see if they need to be watered by feeling the top of the soil, if its dry water it.
  • Dust or wipe the leaves regularly to ensure they photosynthesise well.

For more advice on how best to care for your plants visit Hugo & Green near Wilko.

The Jubilee Giving Tree giveaway from 11am onwards on Saturday 18th June*
*until stocks last.