Major Mindgames and Swan Walk Support Horsham Matters

Major Mindgames is delighted to be helping Horsham Matters on its ‘Tintastic’ campaign.

In 2023, the Horsham District Foodbank provided 10,220 emergency food parcels to people facing hardship. As 2024 begins, and the cost-of-living crisis continues, they are bracing for an even busier year.

It’s thought that one emergency food parcel is expected to be given out every eight seconds in England – and donations are dropping. This is where we can help, in a small way.

Horsham Matters has given Major Mindgaames a collection crate, and they’re gathering canned goods to support the foodbank. If you’re coming to play one of their games over the next few weeks, please bring some cans to help fill the collection box, or if you’re passing by, pop in and say ‘Hi’ with a can for the crate!

Alternatively, you can find Swan Walk’s tap to donate station near the toilets.